Online As It Is In Heaven

A MasterClass brought to you by one of the leading voices in Digital Ministry with a decade of experience, serving as the Church Online Pastor at Life.Church and helping churches and Pastors worldwide build a thriving online ministry.

This digital course is packed with practical tools, comprehensive training and most importantly, will show you how to think when it comes to maximizing your online ministry.




A leader searching for a clear and systematic approach to utilize online services, social media, data, volunteer teams, and more to expand your church’s reach and engagement.
New in your online role and you are determined to build a clear plan and strategy that establishes the online presence for your church, complete with engaging online services and active participation in small groups.
Part of a team seeking comprehensive guidance to successfully navigate the power of data analytics to track online ministry metrics, optimize digital outreach efforts, and ultimately strengthen the church's online impact.

If this is you, you are in the right place!



  1. Crafted and aligned your compelling online ministry message because you understand exactly who your target audience is intimately, resonating with them through every post, video, live stream, and story.
  2. Mastered the art of online ministry discovery, increasing visibility and engagement across all your platforms, thereby broadening the reach and impact of your church's digital presence.
  3. Established effective volunteer teams for online ministry, empowering dedicated individuals to contribute their skills and passion towards fulfilling the church's mission in the digital space, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.
  4. Utilized data analytics to gain insights into your online ministry's performance, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement in engagement, outreach, and discipleship… and so much more!

Don’t Make The ONE Mistake That Will Keep Your Ministry From Growing…

Unlock the potential of your ministry by adopting this proven approach, which I've used to reach thousands of people while I served as the Church Online Pastor at Life.Church.

There are 10 lessons in this course. In it, I'll be covering the dynamic world of online ministry, providing insights on navigating challenges and leveraging constraints to reach a global audience. As the former Church Online Pastor at Life.Church, I'll share my expertise on crafting a clear approach to ministry, conducting impactful online church services, and mastering authentic communication on camera. You'll dive into the power of social media as a ministry tool, unlock secrets to scaling your ministry regardless of size, and learn how to cultivate thriving small groups online. Together, we'll decode essential data metrics, streamline the hiring process, and gain invaluable insights for effective online ministry.

Plus, you'll enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access in a Bonus episode. Don't miss out on transforming your ministry's digital impact with me today!

But it doesn’t end there…

Throughout the course, you will be invited to take notes, build a strategy, and bring any questions you and your team have to a one-on-one, 90-minute session with me.

I can’t wait to hear how this course - Online As It Is In Heaven, helps you fulfill our responsibility as the Church to make disciples of all nations, just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28. So if you're ready to embrace the power of technology and make a difference in your community and beyond, I invite you to join me for "Online As It Is In Heaven."

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