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How do you know if you're winning online?

What should you be measuring? What is success online? I answer all of that and more in this video.

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Building teams and strategies to help your church win online

Effective ministry requires the right people, using the right strategies.





Churches across the world are either building an online ministry, redefining digital ministry, or continuing to build on an existing strategy. Digital Roadmap is a process that brings clarity, identifies gaps, defines goals, and provides a clear-cut strategy for your organization. 

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Fractional leadership allows you to have the benefits and value of a full-time staff role without the costs associated with hiring one. This includes partnering with your church and aligning with your vision to meet your specific needs as an executive pastor on your team. 

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One-on-one coaching is designed uniquely for you as a leader. Whether it is ministry strategy, personal development, or unlocking your leadership capacity, one-on-one coaching is integral to any leader's personal and professional growth. 

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About me.

For a decade, I had the opportunity to serve as the Church Online Pastor at Life.Church. During this time, I had a front row seat to seeing God work through His church - online. We  saw people from all over the world experience the love of God and the joy of being in a community with others. I believe that God is not limited by technology but rather, He can do more than we can imagine. 

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