Leveraging technology to make the truth of Christ accessible to all

Originally from India, born and raised in the Middle East, Alan now lives in the United States with his wife, Meryl, and his three kids. He has been in ministry for 20 years and is passionate about reaching the world for Christ.

Alan was on staff at Life.Church for almost 10 years, serving primarily as the Church Online Pastor. Life.Church is based in Oklahoma, United States, and is a multi-site church that founded the YouVersion Bible App. Life.Church Online was founded in 2006 and today reaches people from countries all over the world through nearly 100 digital church services weekly, led by a global volunteer team from over 55 different countries. During his tenure at Life.Church, Life.Church Online has grown its reach to be the largest Church Online ministry in the world. 

Alan strongly believes in leveraging technology to make the truth of Christ accessible to all people groups, regardless of distance, language, and cultural barriers. He has an extensive background in leadership development, team dynamics, and strategic thinking. Alan has traveled worldwide preaching at churches, speaking at conferences, and connecting with pastors and leaders to expand their influence & leadership, shaping both online and in-person ministry, and grow global teams. 



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